CE Marking FAQ

CE Marking FAQ

Business is related to the customers. The customers’ confidence of purchasing any products lies on C E Marking. CE marking is very important especially when you are selling your products or importing your products in European countries. Actually these products are under the CE rules that are required in product labeling. The C E Marking directives or the EMC directives are applicable to all those manufacturer of productions that are affected by the individual directives. All the manufacturers have come under the European Union, and the trades have become less risky under the new approach of directives. The customers have CE Marking FAQ in their mind. All businessmen want to sell their products in the European market when they face the inevitable question regarding CE mark-the passport of the products are required to obtain before the products come into the market.

The benefit of CE marking

CE Marking is a legal obligation that is taken from EU legislation for certain products which must be fulfilled with certain standards and requirements. When a businessman wishes to sell his products in the market especially in the European market particularly those products that have covered CE marking by the applicable EU legislation then the CE mark must be marked on those products as a part of legal requirements. This CE mark acts like a passport and about thirty percent of the industrial product with CE mark can be sold in EU market.

How to obtain CE Marking certificate

It is long process and you have to cover several steps for CE marking certificates to get the approval that depends upon the products that you are dealing with and the tendency of the risks it presents like,

Determine if any directives apply to the products. If more than one applies you have to comply with all of them

Determine the extent to which your products comply with the essential requirements for design and manufacturing in the applicable directives.

There are several modules available for the Conformity Assessment Procedures like internal production control, intervention of a Notified Body, EC type examination, conformity ton type, production quality assurance, product verification, unit verification, full quality assurance etc.

The directives use a series of questions regarding the nature of the products which can classify the level of risk and refer to a chart that called Conformity Assessment Procedures. The chart includes all those acceptable options available to a manufacturer to certify their products and affix the CE Marking.

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